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Ps. Jodie Davies: Early Pioneers

Jodie shares the encouraging story of Joshua as the first pioneer. Focusing on the culture of pioneering, acting on God’s promises, and in doing so, fulfilling the covenant, Jodie shares how Joshua’s faithfulness in God’s promises led him to the promised land.

Ps. Scott Hanzy: Paul The Apostle

This week’s instalment of the early pioneers series follows the story of the apostle Paul. Pastor Scott leads us in the teaching of Paul’s characteristics of a true pioneer; His humility in knowing that without God he could not succeed, and obedience to the Holy Spirit despite not knowing where he was being led.

Caleb Hanzy: Early Pioneers (PM Service)

Caleb preaches on Joshua’s obedience and how it led to a great blessing from God. Through carrying God’s favour on his life everywhere, his faithfulness and his 100% motivation by God, Joshua is an inspiring character to follow.

Mixed Speakers: Mothers Day

Be inspired by the stories of three very different women: their life journeys, their struggles, their triumphs. As they share, they reflect on the life lessons they have learnt along the journey with God and how He has guided them, taught them, comforted them and kept them. Applicable to both men and women, young and…

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Ps. Patrick Fitzgerald: Pioneers of Significance

Gleaning from John chapter 4 and the woman at the well, Ps Patrick prophecies regarding a pioneering spirit that is available for every single member of Gateway City Church. A pioneer’s spirit is not based on your credentials, but on the heart you have for God. A pioneer carries something significant from heaven that effects…

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Ps. Patrick Fitzgerald: Legacy. What Will You Leave?

Ps Patrick preaches a powerful and inspiring message on LEGACY. Our influence can be (and should be) infectious. We should desire long-lasting legacy for generations to come. We can be inspired to make effective decisions for the future generations: a legacy to serve God until our last breath. Our legacy impacts those around us AND…

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Ps Scott Hanzy: Eternity (PM Service)

The World’s Culture vs Kingdom Culture. Ps Scott delivers a powerful and passionate message from Hebrews 11. We are aliens on a journey. As believers we need to avoid turning back to the old culture, the old ways, like the slavery and bondage of the past Israelites. We need to not compromise. We need to…

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Ps. Jodie Davies: A View of Eternity

The Eternal God. Ancient and futuristic. The abiding nature of God. Permanence. Continuous. Divine. Everlasting. A perpetual state of existence. A mode of timeless self existence. All encompassing: Yesterday. Today. Forever. Our path is determined by what we choose to see. Jesus opens our eyes to see by faith. Choose to see from our current…

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Rachael Hanzy: The Authority of Christ IN YOU (PM Service)

Ps Rachael preaches passionately on the Authority of Christ that believers have. Operate from a postion of victory. We can live with the master keys of the heavenlies here on earth. Satan has been defeated. He has no power over you. He has no dominion over you. He has no authority. JESUS took back those…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: Supernatural Protection

Ps Scott teaches from 2 Kings Chapter 6. Elisha sees the supernatural realm and prays for his protege to see beyond the natural realm as well. Seeing is Protection. Seeing beyond the natural realm with supernatural vision. What are you focusing on? The world? Worldly desires? Or eternal things? See with the eyes of faith.…

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