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Caleb Hanzy: The Same Power

Pending Connect Questions: 1. Expand Romans 8:11 and discuss what it means for us today? 2. What does it mean to live outside of the Grave? 3. What are some ways to challenge ourselves in working in our God given power and authority?

Ps. Scott Hanzy: Wrestle

Pending Connect Questions: 1. Read Ephesians 6:12. Discuss what the verse is describing? 2. What does it mean to wrestle? 3. How can we know who we are and who He is? 4. When we put on our identity in Him how does that change the way we live? 5. Psalm 133 describes Unity as…

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Ps. Darrin Davies: Generosity

A fantastic message from Ps Darrin about living a generous lifestyle. God displays this characteristic in every way and we are replicate Him. Generosity isn’t solely about finance. Time. Effort. Energy. Love. Kindness. Patience. Encouragement. Mercy. Compassion. If you’re stingy it will infect your very soul. Let your life exude generosity in every way. If…

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Ps. Jodie Davies: Hope

An inspiring message from Ps. Jodie regarding abiding in the hope of Christ despite your natural circumstances. Delivered with such conviction, passion and authority, this is a message not to be missed. Christ is the anchor of our soul; the hope of all the world. Be vulnerable, be unshakable. Connect Questions: 1) Read and discuss…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: Bruises (Part 2)

God’s desire is to release us from bondage, set us free from imprisonment and see us live a life of liberty. Jesus came to set the captives free. Hand over the keys of the locked rooms of your heart. Open up every room. Even the hidden ones. Even the painful ones. Don’t give the devil…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: Bruises (Part 1)

In life, we all end up damaged goods of some sort. We get knocked around and may perhaps have been handled roughly. We get bruised from situations and circumstances, words spoken over us or even our generational line. BUT! Jesus died and rose again for our every healing. It’s our free will choice to accept…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: Tools of the Trade (Part 2)

Picking up from where we left off this morning, we look at the Ephesians 4 giftings, the Romans 12 giftings, and the 1 Cor 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit. In these three passages we discover the Tools of the Trade and how they can be best used for God’s glory. Connect Questions: 1. Read…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: Tools of the Trade (Part 1)

The truth is we have been empowered and equipped with everything we need to fulfill His good works. It’s not about your personality or your upbringing. Everyone has a spot to fill and role to play in the Kingdom of God. Discover your “Tools of the Trade” today! God in His goodness has tools for…

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Daniel Hanzy: The Role of the Holy Spirit (PM)

Be revitalised by the Holy Spirit, the Wind of the Mighty One (Ruach Elohim). Be empowered by the Holy Spirit, be His vessel. Be guided by the Holy Spirit, into truth and into every promise of God. Be refined by the Holy Spirit and discover abundant righteous life. Be united by the Holy Spirit with…

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Ps. Scott Hanzy: The Role of the Holy Spirit (AM)

John 16 Parakletos = One who is called to stand by your side. Helper, Advocate, Counsellor, Encourager, Associate, Comforter, Intercessor, Guide, Leader, Gentle hand and direction giver. He convicts the world regarding sin and encourages believers to live a life of righteousness. He is our Friend and Ultimate Companion. He guides us into all truth……

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